Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Carpet Cleaner Review

Today we will share one of the ideal carpet spot cleaning solutions for families with pets and children where carpets frequently assailed by muddy footprints, spilled drinks, and pet messes.

Are you looking for a portable spot cleaner designed to make pet cleanup quick and easy?

Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Carpet Cleaner is one of the best carpet cleaner specially designed for pet lovers. Rug Doctor has engineered a Pet Portable Spot Cleaner to help pet lovers to clean pet messes easily.

Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Cleaner easily clean loose pet hair, deepest pet stain and odors with the new dual-action pet tool, rubber bristles clean pet hair from carpet, stair, furniture, rugs, upholstery, furniture, pet beds, mattresses and more.

Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Cleaner has wheels to help the user to move it around. The wheels would not cause any damage to the carpet or leave ugly.

Tanks of Rug Doctor Pet Cleaner are removable that allows users to fill and empty them with ease. However, you have to be careful about the hole on the top of the tank, or you will spill the dirty water on to the floor.

 Rug Doctor Pet Cleaner is a cheaper and efficient option for you if you have to clean up spilled drinks, pet stain, and spilled food out of the floor several times a day.

This Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Cleaner designed for spot cleaning is not suitable for cleaning the whole carpet, cleaning the entire carpet is difficult and time-consuming.

Sharp points to buy Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Carpet Cleaner:

Rug doctor’s pet portable spot cleaner considered one of the best carpet cleaners due to its portability and cleaning performance, completely clean pet accidents, and messes from soft surfaces.

Strong suction professionally cleans deep pet stains and odor at the root and allow cleaning pet accidents so fast and easy.

Rug doctor pet portable spot cleaner along with Rug doctor portable machine spot cleaner solution completely extracts stains and an odor due to feces, pet urine, blood, vomit, drool, and more.

Oscillating Brushes:

Rug Doctor is one of the few carpet cleaners that comes with oscillating brushes. Oscillating motorized brushes gives this carpet spot cleaner great agitation and cleaning power to deeply clean set-in stains.

Strong Suction:

Rug Doctor claims that this model’s suction power is double than the other spot carpet cleaners in the market.

Strong suction allows you to soak up all the cleaning fluid thoroughly, and remaining moisture dries quickly.

Cleaning Performance:

Buyers are amazed by the cleaning results of Rug doctor. This small unit thoroughly clean rugs, carpets, and stairs. This unit is also one of the best portable carpet cleaners for cars.

Dual-action pet tool and oscillating bristles efficiently remove pet hair, set-in stains, odor, and everyday pet accidents like urine from carpet.

Portable and Easy to move:

One of the features that make Rug doctor user friendly and unique is the retractable handle and carpet friendly wheels.

Rug doctor along with retractable handled and carpet friendly wheels allow you to move cleaner quickly from one spot to another spot.

Retractable handled can be locked and allow you to lift cleaner for cleaning upholstery and other hard to clean areas.

Easy to Maintain and Durable:

One of the critical points to buy any product is its durability and maintainability. Rug Doctor is a carefully designed machine that is very durable and easy to maintain. This cleaner does not include any small part that is easily breakable.

One thing that requires attention is to rinse out of tanks after each use to avoid the accumulation of soap and chemicals.

Pros: Why do most people like this product?

After reading original buyers' reviews, we have concluded the following points that show user satisfaction.

Very easy to set up and use.
Good Suction through the hose, which results in decent clean.
The length of the tube and cord is suitable, which helps to move around.
Buyers are delighted with Stain removal ability. Even axle grease gets discovered and comes out. One of them said it completely removes a nasty stain for years.
Designed in a way that All parts of this unit can be disassembled, cleaned, and dried nicely.
The spray nozzle has a wide area of coverage.
The self-cleaning feature makes sure you don't have anything nasty left in the tubes or the base, so there is no need to worry about that ugly going onto the next time you clean when you pull it out.
The base unit does not leak.
Customer service is a perfect Item.
Cheaper than similar brands in this size.

Cons: Why do most people not like this product?

❌ Some people do not like plastic brushes; it breaks down and leaves marks for some users.
❌ The hose is not removable from the unit.

❌ For some users, the solution tank began to leak.

Useful Questions that help you to buy Rug Doctor pet portable cleaner:

Is Rug Doctor better than Bissell? Or Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner vs. Bissell Spotclean Pro?

Both Rug Doctor and Bissell Spot Clean Pro are excellent products. Rug Doctor is a more suitable choice for professionally cleaning common household stains and accidental stains caused by children and pets. Rug Doctor is easy to use, and more portable compared to Bissell Spot Clean Pro, and Oscillating brushes are also a welcome feature of Rug Doctor.

Bissell Spot Cleaner is also the right cleaning product, but a lot of buyers reviews said material of hose is cheap, the nozzle breaks within a few months.

Will Rug Doctor get rid of urine smell?

Yes, the Rug Doctor dual-action pet tool in combination with oscillating bristles and reliable suction power completely removes urine stain and odor.

Do Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Carpet Cleaner work on pet stains?

Rug Doctor specially engineered for pet lovers. Its dual-action pet tools specially designed to clean pet stains. Buyer’s reviews also show Rug Doctor is a suitable choice for pet stains.

Is there an option to off Oscillating brushes while cleaning?

Yes, the switch available on the head turned on and off.

How is Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner for cleaning upholstery, like couches and chairs?

Rug Doctor is great for that. I used this cleaner to clean chairs and sofas at church—great cleaning results for auto too.

Does it come with the cleaning liquid?

Yes, Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner comes with an 8oz bottle of cleaner.

Will the hose of the Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner break?

The tube of this cleaner is very durable and flexible.

Can we use Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner to clean vehicles and furniture upholstery?

Yes, I used this cleaner to clean up a lounger and sofa and do rugs in a car.

Final Words:

Rug Doctor Portable Pet Spot Carpet Cleaner has excellent cleaning results for all types of stains. Although this cleaner has some cons but stills this machine is the right choice for everyday household stains and accidental stains caused by children and pets.

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaner to clean your daily household stains and pet stains, you do’ not need to research more carpet cleaners. Rug Doctor carpet cleaner will efficiently satisfy your needs.

Are you satisfied with our review? Any suggestion is appreciated.

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