Review of bissell spotbot pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner 33n8a

When you have a new puppy, not yet trained, a cat that vomits and small children’s, your carpet is fill of accidental stains, and pet messes several times a day.

In this modern era, we always try to save time. To clean our carpets quickly, We need a carpet cleaner that works automatically and cleans carpet in no time.

If you are a pet owner and have no time to clean your carpet after every accidental stain?

Bissell spotbot pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner 33n8a is an automatic, handsfree cleaner with deep reach technology specially designed to solve carpet cleaning issues of pet lovers. A lot of users have appreciated the versatility and effectiveness of this carpet cleaner.

Bissell spotbot pet cleaner spray, scrub and suction away all the daily pet stains with just pressing a button. Advance deep reach technology allows for a deep clean and scrub away stain and odor simply and easily.

Along with automatic deep cleaning technology, this unit also contains hose and sturdy stain cleaning tools to manually clean surfaces that are difficult to clean with an automated system. This manual mode increases the useability of the cleaner.

Bissell spotbot does not have heatwave technology, but users are satisfied with its cleaning results. We can use this cleaner to clean off-white carpets without leaving a bad off-color stain due to dark messes like poop.

Why should you buy Bissell spotbot pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner 33n8a?

Bissell spotbot pet is an efficient solution to clean pet stains from your carpet without getting your hand dirty. With the help of Two handsfree cleaning modes, this cleaner does complete cleaning work for you.

Bissell spotbot pet has a high rating, along with a lot of positive customer reviews, so that you can trust this machine.

Automated Smart System:

Bissell spotbot pet has a smart system that automatically sprays, brush and suction to perfect deep clean both surface and tight set-in pet stains.

This smart cleaner has two predefined handsfree cleaning modes. Quick clean for newer stains and deep clean for set-in stains so you can get efficient cleaning functionality.

Cleaning Power and Strong Suction:

Bissell spotbot has extraordinary cleaning abilities. Deep-reach technology delivers water and cleaning material deep into carpet fibers and generally brushes to permanently clean pet stains.

Deep reach technology contains two spiral brushes that move in different directions, along with reliable suction power to entirely complete cleaning action. Soft brushes will not damage carpets.

Large capacity tank and efficient cleaning solutions:

This Bissell spot cleaner has two containers to hold water. One is for clean water, and the second is for dirty water.You can fill or empty both tanks through a two-finger size hole, which make it difficult to clean these water tank.

Bissel recommends different cleaning formulas like 2X Pet Stain and Odor portable machine formula for carpet spot and stains cleaning, Bissel 2X Little Green Portable machine formula, and Oxy Gen2 Formula. These cleaning formulas have great results. The product package includes Oxy-Gen 2 and 2X Pet Stain and Odor formula.

Manual Cleaning ability:

This portable carpet cleaner contains easy to use, on-board 5-feet hose and hand tool to clean pet messes on upholstery, auto interiors, stairs, and other hard to reach areas.

This manual cleaning ability increase its usage versatility and allows to use of spot bot for every kind of cleaning purposes.

Quick Effective Cleaning:

One of the main points that attract uses to buy this product is its ability to clean every kind of stains with no time. For most cases, fresh stains are perfectly cleaned with three min automatic cleaning cycle, and deep tough stains are mostly removed in six min cleaning cycle without any effort.

This Bissell pet stain eraser recommended for spot and stain cleaning. Users can use this to clean the large area.

Strong points from buyer reviews in favor to buy this product:

  • This Bissell carpet cleaner works great on vomit and pee stains. To permanently remove deep stains, we need to go over a couple of times, but it’s worth it.
  • This Bissell carpet cleaner works great for small areas. I also used this cleaner to clean my upholstery in my truck. The handheld adapter and detachable hose work great.
  • This Bissell pet stain eraser works great for spot cleaning puppy accidents.
  • This cleaner has saved me hours of floor scrubbing, between the puppy peeing on the carpet and the cat puking on it. I have used this machine for two years. It still works as well as the first day.
  • I like this little carpet cleaner. It allows me to sit back while it cleans the nasty stains out of my carpet made me swoon. The Bissell spotbot cleaner solution that comes with cleaning formulas was able to clean the cherry cough syrup stain from my white carpet that hand scrubbing with spot remover spray could not get out. The hose is easy to use.
  • This cleaner removed the few days old pet stain for the new light color carpet that was not removed by the more former model carpet cleaner. We followed the instructions, and within a few minutes, the spot cleaned.
  • Most of the time, stain happens when you are getting your kids ready; you do’ not have time to sit and scrub. This carpet cleaner frees me up to leave it on stains and do whatever else I need to do.

Points from buyer reviews as cons of the product:

  • After using one year, water is pouring out of the bottom of the unit.
  • The hose is difficult to clean; even by rinsing with hot water after every use, there is already grossness in the tube.
  • If the machine stored with a solution tank attached, it leaks. Some times water left behind from the automatic cleaning cycle. We use a hose to extract the remaining water.
  • The machine leaked all the cleaning solutions when it was stored for a few days, be sure to empty the solution tank when you are not using it.

Useful Questions asked by buyers:

Can the tanks of this cleaner be open for easy cleaning?  Both tanks have a small opening to fill and empty the water, but they are not so big enough to get anything inside of them to give them a good “cleaning.” To keep them odor-free and clean, I fill them with water, drop in a denture tablet, and let it do its work. This method works well. Then completely dry the tanks.

Does this carpet cleaner extract the water during the cycle? We can say Yes but to a reasonable degree. To get better results, we use the hose attachment (with the brush) to pull up more water. One more thing we do is when we have done, we put a little water in a bowl, or if close enough to a sink and then allow the machine to suck up clean water through the hose. This step is not necessary, but we like the idea of flushing out the tube with water before storing it.

Does Bissell Spotbot pet clean urine that is beneath the carpet surface that can lead to long term health risks/orders? It will work well on old stains than anything else I’ve tried. But, as others have said, nothing will clean urine from the padding or subfloor.

Can other cleaners be used with this? Bissell would not recommend it, but I have tried other cleaners, and it works well. I have not experienced any adverse effects, either.

Can I use spot bot cleaner on upholstery? Yes, I have a recliner that gets a lot of use and have used the SpotBot hose and brush head to clean it. The solution sprays out wherever you apply it, and then the brush and suction do the rest. I have had excellent results.

Does anyone know if this cleaner is effective on older stains that set in? I clean spots by hand, but I’m not completely satisfied with the cleaning results. If you use the recommended cleaning formulas and the recommended setting, it works fantastic!

How does this machine work? If I switch it on, will it automatically clean the whole carpet, or I need to clean it? No, just the spot you set it on to clean hence the name “Spot-Bot.” It has a brush that scrubs the place for a period, sprays cleaning solutions, and vacuums the solution back out of the carpet. If the spot is larger than the area covered by the cleaner head, you have to move it over to the uncleaned area.

Does the rotating brush action harm carpets over time? I haven’t noticed a problem, but it might depend on the carpet you have. I don’t think I’ve had to use it on any one particular spot more than once.


Although Bissell spot cleaner has some issues, this machine still has a lot of advantages as well. Many users are pleased with its time saving and effective cleaning results.

You have pets and small children, and you are looking for an automatic hand-free cleaner to save time, then you should try Bissell spotbot pet handsfree spot and stain cleaner 33n8a.

This unit also has excellent cleaning results for all types of stains. You can use manual mode with a provided hose and cleaning tool to clean stairs, upholstery, and other hard to reach areas.

Are you satisfied with our review? Any suggestion is appreciated.

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