BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner 2458 Review: Best spot carpet cleaner for pets

The Look of your interior décor depends upon the cleanliness of your carpet. The effective carpet cleaning solution is the only way to keep your carpet clean and free from odor.

Are you a pet lover who is tired of hand scrubbing gross messes out of your carpet?

BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner 2458 is an effective BISSELL handheld pet carpet cleaner that can remove spot and odor that are always left behind with hand scrubbing.

We have read hundreds of reviews of real buyers during our research, and then we decide to write BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner 2458 Review. Hence, below is the key information that we think will be useful for our beloved readers.

Why Should You Buy this Product?

It is a proudly designed product that efficiently removes pet messes, odors, and pet homelessness. The following are the strong points that support buying this product.

  • Every product of BISSELL saves pets. BISSELL support BISSELL Pet Foundation that supports homeless pets.
  • Most Powerful portable cleaner suitable for carpets, auto interiors, stairs, upholstery, and similar soft surfaces. 
  • It uses its superior suction combined with scrubbing and professional cleaning formula to remove stubborn pet stains, embedded dirt, and other messes.
  • Completely clean tough pet stains by using the power of OXY.
  • It provides outstanding results and a deep clean.

What Special Features BISSELL SpotClean Pro Pet portable carpet cleaner 2458 have?

This Portable Pet Carpet Cleaner is one of the best and easy to use spot and stain cleaner.

Working mechanism:

Embedded dirt, stubborn stains, and Spots are effectively removed by combining powerful suction, scrubbing action, and specially designed cleaning solution.


Its weight is 13 pounds that are not very light, but it is lighter than most portable pet cleaners. 

Long hose and power cord:

We can easily take this portable pet cleaner too hard to reach areas like area stairs, upholstery, rugs, automobile interiors, and similar soft surfaces.

Stain Trapper Tool:

Here come the unique features that are specially designed for tough pet stains. It has a Stain Trapper Tool, Tough Stain Tool, and Two trial-size bottles of PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator Formula.

When must you buy this product?

potty training a kitten

You’re potty training a kitten or puppy.

 potty training a toddler

You’re potty training a toddler.

Old pet Dog

You have an elderly pet that has a hard time making it outside or to their litter box in time.

A sick pet

A sick pet or child.

Messy Kids

Messy kids sat your home

Pros: Why do most people like this product?

After reading original buyers' reviews, we have concluded the following points that show user satisfaction.

Very easy to set up and use.
Good Suction through the hose, which results in decent clean.
The length of the tube and cord is suitable, which helps to move around.
Buyers are delighted with Stain removal ability. Even axle grease gets discovered and comes out. One of them said it completely removes a nasty stain for years.
Designed in a way that All parts of this unit can be disassembled, cleaned, and dried nicely.
The spray nozzle has a wide area of coverage.
The self-cleaning feature makes sure you don't have anything nasty left in the tubes or the base, so there is no need to worry about that ugly going onto the next time you clean when you pull it out.
The base unit does not leak.
Customer service is a perfect Item.
Cheaper than similar brands in this size.

Cons: Why do most people not like this product?

❌ Some people do not like plastic brushes; it breaks down and leaves marks for some users.
❌ The hose is not removable from the unit.

❌ For some users, the solution tank began to leak.

Mostly ask questions about this product:

Is there a way to clean the brush head from gunk stuck in it?

Ans: It detaches from the hose. After separating, you can easily wash it.

does the cleaner come with any cleaning solution included, any bottles?

Ans: Yes, Bissell pet spot carpet cleaner came with two small containers, more than enough to clean a couch, etc.

Does it have the steam option? Or heat water control?

Ans: NO, you can mix the cleaning solution with hot water if you wish.

Does this clean by itself?

Ans: No, It does not clean it by itself.

does this help with dog urine odor?

Ans: Yes, Pet stain chemicals make it smell the best.

Does the Stain trapping tool work?

Ans: Yes, It works well.

Would this work on a shag rug?

Ans: Yes, Bissell Pet Pro cleaner works well.

Can I use this on Scotch Gard protected carpets?

Ans: Yes, it decreases the effectiveness of the protectant with cleaning, so it has to be re-applied.


So, here is the conclusion of the BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner 2458 Review. It is one of the best cleaning tools for carpet, upholstery, and vehicle interior.

This product is not made to handle large areas, but it does a great job in small spaces, especially if you have pets or children, and you hate hand scrubbing the carpet and couch when one of them has an accident or spills something.

This product can clean a variety of messes, like urine, feces, Vomit, Juice, and many more hard to clean things. The excellent length of the hose and power cord adds good facilities. It allows you to move around your home and facilitates you to clean hard to reach messes that are not easily cleanable by other carpet cleaners. Another good point is the capacity of a large tank that holds up to ¾ gallon of water. 

In light of the above discussion, I recommend you check out this best spot carpet cleaner for pets. This will save you further time on research, and you will be amazed by its cleaning power.

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