Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner review

It is difficult to prevent your carpet from stain, dirt, and spots, especially when you have small children and pets. 

To keep your carpet clean, one option is to clean your carpet manually; Another option is to use specially designed carpet spot cleaner to clean stains on carpet and upholstery.

If you are the one who chose to clean your carpet with specially designed spot carpet cleaner?

Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner review helps you to find a suitable carpet spot cleaner that suits your needs.

You can understand Bissell spot clean pro instructions and set up this cleaner easily with no effort.

This Bissell spot cleaner has the ability to perfectly clean mud, coffee, pet mess, and other common stains.

This unit comes with 2-years of limited warranty. Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner is the perfect solution that uses water, cleaning solution, and agitation to clean stubborn stains.

The functionality of Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner is limited as compared to a full-sized carpet cleaner. Still, this unit is one of the best for effective cleaning of small areas and daily spots and stains.

What Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner have?

Bissell spot clean pet is a lightweight, portable cleaner that efficiently cleans old stains and accidental stains not only from carpets but also from upholstery and car seats.

The design and size of this unit allow to store easily in a small place, and you can setup it easily when an accidental spill happens and clean it.

Good Suction Power:

Despite its small size, Spot Clean pro has excellent suction power. Strong 5.7 amp motor allows this unit to clean filthy carpets. 

Stiff brushes on the cleaning tools along with powerful motor works well to dig deep into carpet and upholstery fibers and ensure the complete removal of embedded dirt and old stains.

It is important to note that Spot Clean pro is not efficient to clean the whole carpet in a reasonable amount of time. This tool is perfect in dealing with spots and stains in small areas.

Excellent capacity of water tank:

This small-sized unit can hold up to ¾ gallons of water. This cleaner allows users to clean their carpets with fewer interruptions.

Compact and lightweight design:

The portability of cleaner depends upon its design and weight. In the case of Spot Clean, its small size design combined with lightweight make this cleaner the best portable carpet cleaner.

Portability of this unit makes this cleaner perfect for spot cleaning of carpets, upholstery, stairs, and other above the surface areas.

Cleaning Tools with different sizes:

Bissell spot clean pro accessories contain two various size stain removal tools.

3-inch robust stain removal tool. This tool specially designed for old tough stains and odor.

6-inch stair tool for stains. This tool has small stiff brushes to clean embedded debris.

Ability to clean a wide range of area:

One of the points that support the decision to buy this portable carpet cleaning machine is its ability to work in a wide range.


The first component that makes this unit work in a wide range is its 22-feet power cord. As this unit is handheld and the portable user can clean a wide area without any interruption.


The second component is its 5-feet suction hose; this also helps to clean hard to reach areas with much ease.


Sometimes, due to the limited length of hose, you need to lift cleaner to clean above the surface areas efficiently.


Strong points from buyer reviews in favor of this product:

  • Completely removes all pet stains from carpet, even old stains from the month ago. This unit is an excellent machine for animal owners, and clumsy people spill here and there.
  • Customer service is excellent; the manufacturer sends the replacement parts, including hose to the customer.
  • It is of outstanding quality; it has a cleaning capacity.
  • Very satisfied with the cleaning performance of this machine. I bought this carpet cleaner to tear altogether and ordinary wear. Very easy to set up and easy to use. 
  • This portable carpet cleaning machiner has an excellent ability to suck dirty water out of your carpets and furniture.
  • The hose and brush attachment let you scrub deep and only limited by your muscle power.
  • Bissell spot cleaner has fantastic cleaning results for sectional couch on which my two dogs and three cats sleep.  
  • This thing is MAGIC. Seriously. Its cleaning results are amazing for fresh pet grossness, pet stains,  human grossness, spilled drinks/foods,  upholstery stains, muddy footprints, and even just cleaning fur out of the carpet that the vacuum isn’t able to clean on its own.

Points from buyer reviews as cons of the product:

  • Some users have complaints about the hoses they include. The hose is not so durable.
  • Some users reported that sprayer function for the solution quit working.
  • There is no way to wash out or clean the inside of the hose.
  • It has started to leak water from the bottom of the device.

Useful Questions asked by buyers:

Has anyone spent money on the optional powered “turbo head brush?” Input, please?  Not very useful; Brushes stop spinning when you put pressure on it.

Does the brush rotate? The brush does not rotate.


Is it required to you use the brand cleaning formula? I am concerned about chemicals for children and dogs. The manufacturer recommended using Bissel cleaning formulas with this cleaner. These formulas do not contain any harsh chemicals.


Is it necessary to empty the clean water tank each time after use, or can you leave it in, so you are ready for the next use? Thanks! You can leave it in. However, To ensure excellent performance, I clean out the water tank after every use.


Can we use this cleaner to clean the entire couch, or is it just for spot cleaning? I try this cleaner to clean our microfiber couch. As a precaution not to use to much water on regular cloth material, Anything underneath it will be harder to remove the water.


This unit does not come with wheels, what is its weight when filled with water? This cleaner weighs about 13 lbs.


How does this cleaner be different from a steam cleaner? this cleaner is a detergent and water cleaner with a vacuum. To use hot water, you need to pour hot water into the clean water tank.

Does this spot cleaner work well for cleaning car seats? I have tried to use this spot cleaner on my truck interior, mainly on the floors, but some on the seats. It results in excellent cleaning, and its performance was appreciatable. I try the Bissell solution that came with the cleaner, and it works well.


Now it’s time to conclude Bissell 3624 spotclean professional portable carpet cleaner review.

We can not say this is the only cleaner that you should buy, but if you are focusing on dealing with accidental spots and old stains, Bissell 3624 spotclean is among the right choices in the market. 

Most of the users are satisfied with their cleaning performance and suction power. This unit is useful in keeping fabric upholstery clean and prevent the accumulation of allergy-causing dust mites.

Some users have issues related to hose and sprayer, but overall, this machine is perfect if you need to clean spots and mess caused by children and pets effectively.

Any suggestions to improve our Bissell pet spot carpet cleaner review are appreciated.

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